We take seriously our responsibility to our clients, employees and everyone who is part of the resourcing and the  
supplying of our wood products. We involve all stake holders throughout our entire supply chain in all matters  
concerning the environment, product safety and employment conditions.
Falcon Timber Trading strategy is designed to create value by leveraging this family business’ many strengths. These  
include pushing forth its regional leadership in the field of providing wood and timber products and finishing’s,  
ensuring a strong and effective material sourcing organization, developing a highly productive service capability and  
a unique family company culture that focuses on delivering innovative products and services that advance client  

As part of our strategy, we place a high priority on attracting, developing and retaining highly talented people.  
Employees who identify with the goals and values of our company have transformed the vision of Falcon Timber  
Trading into reality: People with passion for wood and expertise in service are already paving the way to our future  
Social Responsibility
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